Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer's the Time

As the school year comes to a close, two things come to mind. SUMMER!! and writing. I have no excuse for not writing at all. So it's time to set some goals. I must write a book in a month. It doesn't have to be good, just down on paper (or computer). I've got to get something done.
I must do everything in my power to promote Connie Cobbler: Toy Detective, Miss Mary Pennynickle's Tales of Torment for Toddlers, and Miss Mary Pennynickle's Fairytales of Foreboding.
I went to a writing conference this past weekend. I spoke with a few agents and asked about the acceptance of independent authors and publishers. I was told several times that they would not be able to take the books unless they had a following of several thousands. I had read this many times on various websites, but it had never seemed real. I was a bit despondent. Then it hit me.
I could get hundreds, if not thousands, of books sold on my own. I've read so many promotional books, and yet had not implemented any techniques seriously. Now's the time.
After all, it's Summer. No Excuses.

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