Thursday, June 2, 2011


So far I've had 3 book signings. They were all very fun. They were also hard and educational. The first two were through Hudson Valley Parent Magazine for a promotion they were doing. The third one was with Barnes and Noble. The bookstore signing was interesting, but not nearly as fun. I 'worked the room' a lot more, trying to get people interested. It was a good idea to find out what departments are where in the store. Several people asked me to find subjects. It was a great way to meet people and tell them about the book.
The first two signings were in large malls. They were a lot easier in terms of traffic. People had to pass me and a lot of people stopped. Parents and their kids had a lot of questions about writing and they were amazingly friendly. I even made my first little fan. He asked his mother if he could stay in touch. He came to the Barnes and Noble singing to bring me drawings he made of the characters. That was a nice feeling.

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